Why AVG?
Why Business Should Consider AVG?
AVG is ideal for:
Internet-active companies performing a wide range of online activities involving banking or purchasing transactions and customer, supplier or partner communications
Companies looking for an easy-to-use security solution that is ideal for their business needs
Companies that are tired of over-engineered solutions that slow them down
Companies with Microsoft Windows® networks
Companies needing complete protection for laptops, PCs, servers and remote workers
Companies looking to protect their Linux/ FreeBSD servers

Why Upgrade From Anti-Virus To Internet Security 2011?
The more ‘Internet-active’ your customers’ business is... the more threats they face... the more comprehensive the protection they need. If your customers’ business relies on email communications and is Internet-active, they should upgrade to AVG Internet Security Business Edition. Internet Security Business Edition is built around a robust core of proven protection against the latest web threats, viruses, spyware, spam and other malware. It adds functionality above and beyond our Anti-Virus product to provide businesses with robust anti-spam and email server protection, ensuring vital email systems operate efficiently and safely.

Upgrading To AVG Internet Security 2011 Gives Businesses:

Enhanced Anti-Spam 
Protects against phishers, scammers and spammers from clogging workstations and mail servers

Email Server Protection 
Provides protection against phishers and server-based spam. Keeps email systems running smoothly

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