Premium Internet Security

Everything AVG Internet Security has to offer, plus actively seeks out identity theft and optimises PC performance.
Protection that lets you focus on your business
  Proactive protection
Actively tracks down the illegal selling and trading of your personal information Provides reports and alerts regarding potential identity misuse.
  Award-winning security
Keeps your personal information safe while shopping, banking, and social networking Protects your movies, music, and photos from hackers and identity thieves
  Enhanced PC performance
Reorganises files and startup programs for a revitalised PC Optimises PC settings for faster performance speeds online and off
Why AVG Premium Security 2012?
Minimize disruption by securing your data
Don’t lose access to those essential files on your computers and servers with our award-winning protection.
AVG Firewall, AVG Anti-Virus, AVG Anti-Spyware, AVG Resident Shield, AVG Smart Anti-Rootkit
Liberate your time so you can focus on your business
Suffer less distraction and delay with our products, allowing you and your employees to focus on driving your business forward.
AVG Smart Scanning, AVG Silent Mode, AVG Email Server Protection, AVG Remote Administration
Keep client information safe from hackers
Maintain your integrity as a reliable business partner by ensuring client data is kept private and online transactions are conducted safely.
AVG File Server Protection, AVG Firewall, AVG Data Protection
Keep employees safe online
Surf, search and download with confidence.
AVG LinkScanner®, AVG Anti-Virus, AVG Online Shield™
Spend less on your protection, more on your growth
Our business protection has been rated 5„\ value for money by SC Magazine.
Get the right support at the right time
Rest assured that our experts are just a phone call away.
AVG Support
Loved by I.T Experts, designed for small businesses

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