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• Colin Mann School - Colin Mann School has recently upgraded its centre for learning where 43 desktop computers were successfuly installed and commissioned by Consulting 2000 - READ MORE>>
• Farrarmere Primary School - It is with great pleasure I write this testimonial for Spiros Proxenos of Consulting 2000.....- READ MORE>>
• Rynfield Primary School - This is to confirm that Spiros from C2k has been appointed to do our support and back-up.....- READ MORE>>
• Weltevreden Primary School - Since my appointment as principal at WPPS in 1996 - Spiros Proxenos has had a wonderful relationship with office.....- READ MORE>>
• Weltevreden Primary School - Spiros of Consulting 2000 has assisted me in the setting up of the new Foundation Phase Computer Centre.....- READ MORE>>
• Rynfield Primary School - It is of great pleasure that I stand as referee for Spiros....- READ MORE>>
Dinwiddie primary School - This is to certify that Spiros Proxenos has been known to me since 1997...he supplies our school with all hardware...READ MORE>>

Here’s What Our Customers Say About AVG

“We spend 90% less time managing antivirus with AVG. The efficiencies we gain from using AVG mean valuable time we can spend on other projects”
John Allman, Technology Director, City of Brentwood, TN

“AVG absolutely has a smaller footprint. You don’t even know it’s there. It helps us to focus on what’s important – our business”
Ghedak Ansari, IT Manager, Primary and Urgent Care

“Internet security shouldn’t take up time – it’s important, but if it just gets on and does its job, and has been designed well, you should be able to forget about it. That has been our experience with AVG over the past 5 years”
Simon Mills, Network Manager, Waingels College

“AVG never lets anything in. It just seems to catch everything. It uses minimal resources while it’s scanning. It basically eliminates any downtime”
Al Allen, Network Administrator/Technology Director, Maricopa Unified School District

“In our business you engineer for speed and lightness – it’s about elegant, fit-for-purpose solutions. These are qualities we have found in AVG”
Adrian Collinson, Head of IT, Force India Formula One team

AVG is a whole lot easier to deploy and manage than the other brands we used. I like being able to use software without having to open up a manual”
Aaron Spell, Network Administrator, West Orange-Cove School District


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