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The Ability to Manage Jobs and Positions
The Job Management module is core to the Premier HR system and the system follows a job-centric design principle. All other modules use information defined on the position.

Premier HR can assist you to set up position profi les within your company.

The position profile allows you to indicate:
• Where the position fits into the company hierarchy structure
• The competency requirements for the position
• Key performance areas (KPA’s) and indicators (KPI’s) for the position
• A proposed Personal Development Action Plan that can be drawn up for any incumbent of the position

The printing of up to date job profiles or organisational charts are quick and easy

The requirements for the position can be indicated:
• Qualifications and training required for the position
• Previous experience required
• A points value can be allocated to indicate the importance of each area
• Employee suitability analysis can be done where a shortlist of suitable candidates for a position can be printed

More information:

• Employee Management and Recording of Employee Transactions
• Employee management with succession and career planning

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