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VIP Premier is geared towards increasing functionality of payroll systems. The system provides a sophisticated yet uncomplicated solution for the medium to larger organisation.The VIP Premier system provides one integrated solution for payroll and human resource management. The software is online and the real-time design ensures that payroll processing is faster and more easy to use. VIP Premier contains the latest legislative changes that enable payroll administrators to make the most accurate and up to date calculations. All of this is combined in a package that can be maintained by updating earnings, deductions and methods.

View the Actual Payslip on-screen

View the payslip on-screen with an online real-time input facility and automatic
Year-to-date figures and month-to-date figures are shown on the payslip, indicating
variance between the current and previous month/week.
All statutory requirements are catered for e.g. TAX, UIF, SDL, etc.
Do interim/special payruns for example commission, bonuses and overtime
between official pay runs.
View month-to-date figures and each week separately for weekly paid employees.
For immediate updating, make use of keyboard input - make use of batch processing
or import large volumes of data, e.g. overtime or commission.
Caters for all bargaining councils and prints reports in the required format for
electronic submission into MIBCO and MTU.
Allows for various pay cycles: daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

No parameter codes - Use your own Descriptions for Earnings & Deductions

Up to 999 companies each with its own set of earnings and deductions can be
Look-up tables with descriptions for IRP5 codes.
Define unlimited third party payments such as Bonds, Garnishees and Insurances
for easy electronic payments.
Indicate items to be included for BCEA leave pay calculations.
Indicate items to be included for RFI (Retirement Funding Income)
Up to 72 Earnings and Deductions can be defined

Total Cost at a glance

Do "what-if" calculations to calculate total cost of the company's Payroll.
Weekly, monthly and year-to-date salary cost immediately available.
Define display profiles per employee group to enable the user to view only the
applicable earnings and deductions for the group.
View the actual cost to the employer on-screen, including company contributions.
Cost employee salary according to department, pay point or division.
Split salary by percentage into up to 30 cost centres.

User defined formulae for earnings and deductions

Use mathematical formulae to calculate earnings, deductions or company
contributions according to company requirements.
View updated payslip immediately when mathematical formulae are changed.
Define lookup tables for calculations such as Medical Aid.
Automatic back-pay calculations can be entered.
Define methods to calculate the taxable Perk for Medical Aid and Company Cars.
Pro-rata Annual Bonus can be calculated automatically, e.g. 13th cheque.
Options such as first week only, last week only, always, average according to weeks
in month, can be specified for employee and employer contributions such as union
Shifts or hours can be accumulated for bonus or leave pay calculations.
All formulae and tables can be maintained by the payroll administrator.
For each Earning, deduction or company contribution up to 36 calculations can
be defined.

Accurate tax calculation for easy processing

Normal tax or average tax calculation per employee.
View current tax tables on screen.
View the tax deduction per earning on screen.
Make provision for tax on bonus.
SITE and PAYE split immediately available.
Tax travel allowances according to the SARS requirements.
Complete RFI and non-RFI records kept.
Statutory limits for pension and retirement annuities are applied.
BCEA leave pay is taxed correctly.

Employee information

Record statutory employee information as required by SARS.
Use payroll masterfile fields to produce equity and skills reports.
Mandatory fields for new employees are colour coded.
Help functions are available for easy table lookup for user defined departments,
pay points, job grades, etc.
Choose payment facility per employee, e.g. cash, cheque or electronic transfers.


Apply increases across the board by percentage or fixed amount
Do selections by department, pay point, category or job grade with minimum
and maximum ceiling.
View increase history on-screen.
Calculate back-pay based on different rates of pay.
Load future increases with an effective date.
Store hours worked for easy Bonus and Leave pay calculations.


Linking the following VIP modules to the core system can expand the functionality of the Softline VIP System:

Personnel History - Comprehensive employee database, fully integrated with the
Job Management - Define job profiles in the organisation.
Leave Module - An advanced Leave management system.
Employment Equity - Record Equity information and produce the statutory reports.
Skills Development - Generate a Work Place Skills Plan to submit to relevant SETA.
Job Costing Module - Analyse labour costs per task or job in detail.
Old Mutual Pension Fund Interface - Electronic transfer of contributions to
pension fund.
Interface to General ledger applications - Exporting facilities are available to
most popular GL applications. A customised export can also be defined according
to specific requirements.
Business Intelligence Manager (BIM) - A visual reporting solution that uses MS
Excel to provide you with meaningful insight and interpretation of your VIP data.
VIP Infoslips - Replaces the paper payslip with an interactive document that offers
the versatility of a web page and integrates data into an easy-to-read and interactive

Passwords and screen control to ensure confidentiality

Advanced access control to ensure confidentiality.
Passwords can be defined with full access, viewing access or no access.
Define zones to group employees together and link zones to passwords.
The use of login names can further enhance security.
Specify how often passwords must be changed.

Employee tax made easy

Pre-printed IRP5 stationery for employee Tax certificates, available from VIP.
Produce electronic IRP5's for SARS.
Automatic tax year-end reporting.
IRP5 summary (one line per employee) to assist in tax year-end processing.
Fringe Benefits as stipulated in the seventh Schedule of the Act are included in all
statutory reports and on IRP5's.
Tax calculations for RSA, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.
Tax benefit from Retirement Annuities included for tax calculations.

Flexible reporting

Compare variances between current month and previous month's payroll.
Sort reports according to company specific requirements.
Standard reports for all statutory and most usual payroll reports supplied with
the system.
Standard reports (including OID, TAX, UIF and variance reports).
VIP offers a powerful report writer for user defined reports.
Open Data Base Connectivity to generate reports in data applications such as
Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Crystal Report Writer.
12 Month Report indicating the current month as well as the previous 11 Months'
payslips per employee.
52 Weeks Report indicating the current week as well as the previous 51 weeks'
payslips per employee.
Consolidate reports across multiple companies.

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