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Should you be looking at a total solution?

VIP Premier is geared towards larger corporations and offers the client increased functionality in the form of a Total Solution that combines all the tools necessary to manage employees more effectively.

Any business that embraces and values new technology and improved methods of optimisation will benefit from the Premier Total Solution.

It enables Payroll Departments to manage payroll processes as securely and easily as always while providing HR Departments with comprehensive tools to manage HR processes.

Premier Payroll:
Premier Payroll provides the client with a payroll application that supports their operational processes in line with guidelines determined by legislation. Features in the system ensure the client runs a streamlined and successful payroll office

Premier HR:
The Premier HR application offers a logical and integrated extension to the Premier Payroll system. Premier HR follows a position driven design principle which allows for the integration of all related HR processes.

Employee Self Service:
Employee Self Service (ESS) provides an employee friendly web interface which offers workfl ow functionality and involves line managers in otherwise paper based Payroll and HR processes.

Business Intelligence Manager:
The Business Intelligence Manager (BIM) is a licenced module which forms part of the integrated suite of VIP products. This reporting solution uses the power of MS
Excel as a report writing tool, providing meaningful insight and interpretation of your total solution.

Users are provided with a standard set of reports that can be modifi ed or customised to suit individual user requirements. Alternatively, they can create their own reports.

The Total Solution:
The VIP Premier Total Solution is intended for companies that recognise the importance of people in the organisation. It allows companies to strategically align their Payroll and Human Resources Departments with the direction of the company.

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